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Real-Time Analytics With MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases. The unique features it offers make it super easy to implement real-time analytics. While the natural tendency is to gravitate to Map Reduce feature provided by MongoDB to aggregate data, I will focus on the upsert feature and $inc operator to demonstrate how complex aggregations and groupings can be performed in near … Continue reading

Understanding performance impact of shareable JDBC connections in struts based web application deployed on Websphere Application Server

The purpose of this article is to highlight the root cause of JDBC related performance issues that I have seen in multiple J2EE applications using struts framework. In many cases the root cause is the use of “shareable” connections, which is the default configuration in WebSphere. The difference between shareable and unshareable connection is very … Continue reading

Oracle Text Search Performance Tuning – From Minutes to Milliseconds

Recently I was asked to look into the stability aspects of a J2EE application. It had started to crash taking the Oracle DB server along with it during peak production load. An analysis of the Java Stack Trace indicated that almost all the hung threads were performing searches. Application was not able to take a … Continue reading